Best tires for Ford Contour

Contour was one of Ford's first efforts to bite off a piece of the emerging compact segment that at the time was dominated by Japanese imports. For further details, go here: Yokohama Avid Touring S Review

The Contour followed in Honda and Toyota steps with lightweight aluminum uni-body (frame-less) chassis, MacPherson suspension, standard 2.0L four-cylinder engine and optional high-performance 2.5L V6. From Replacements

The standard Contour uses a height of 70 tire series on a 14 inch rim. The most popular choice for stock replacement tires is the Kuhmo Solus KR21, which is a standard touring tire all season very similar in performance to the car's original tires. Yokohama Avid Touring S tires are $ 3 cheaper at $ 51 each as of January 2010, as they are one of the cheapest options, but do not have the performance of the Kuhmos SVO Replacements

The most popular stock replacement tires for the high performance SVO Contour is the ultra-high performance Dunlop DIREZZA DZ101 tire.

This tire has a very soft tread compound for fantastic adhesion to road surfaces, but wear out more quickly than underperforming tires.

At $ 92 each, these are not the cheapest tires on the shelf, but they are some of the cheapest ultra-performance tires on the market. The Kuhmo Ecsta ASX is as popular as any Dunlop for this car, and offers approximately the same performance and a little more tread life.

ASX has smaller and more numerous water slides (channels) for better performance in wet weather and costs R $ 5 more per tire.


Ice and Snow

It is well documented by a number of sources (including the EPA, Car and Driver and Motor Trend) that specialized winter tires can dramatically improve handling, braking and accelerating snow and ice.

The Dunlop Graspic DS3 is the cheapest you will find at $ 60, and Bridgestone Blizzak is one of the best and most expensive at $ 74. A great middle-of-the-road choice would be Continental

Winter Extreme Contact in US $ 61, which offers 95 percent of Blizzak's performance and only costs a dollar more than the Dunlop.

Racing Tires

Two of the most popular tire choices for Contour Speed Obsessed and Contour SVT owners are the BF Goodrich g-Force T / A Drag Radial and technically road-cool Kumho Ecsta V710.

AT / A radial drag is a legend in street-legal drag racing classes, and is specially designed to receive front-wheel drive cars like Contours to start and drive.

The V710 is a racing spot with a pair of grooves carved in to make it street-legal and is a pretty reasonable purchase for hair less than $ 200.